If you're going to throw Eclipse into this group (which I wouldn't, necessarily), then I would have to give a +1 to Netbeans. I recently moved to that from Eclipse and there is no comparison IMHO. I am also a Vim junkie and there is a nice plugin for Netbeans too. Eclipse has one also, FWIW. OK, I'm done with… » 5/18/12 10:53am 5/18/12 10:53am

I'm still very new to using my Mac. One thing that bugs me is there is no way to set window focus on mouse.. ie. make the window active on mouse hover. I'm using v10.6.8 on a Macbook 2008. Am I just missing that setting somewhere or is there an app like Windownaut that solves this? Thanks. » 5/18/12 6:08am 5/18/12 6:08am

You might want to take a look at something like Evernote for this. It might be overkill, but at least you can clip a URL (at least I do using the G-Chrome Evernote extension) and share it. Just an idea. » 3/21/12 6:06am 3/21/12 6:06am

FYI:: First, let me say that I love Dropbox and use it a lot lately. If you are an Android user and haven't heard yet, [Box.net] is giving away a lifetime 50GB of storage just for installing their Android app and signing in. Details in the post: [reviews.cnet.com] » 2/24/12 12:30pm 2/24/12 12:30pm

You could just get out of bed and walk the 10-20 feet to flip the coffee maker switch on (assuming you have already set up fresh grounds and water). Are we really that lazy as a society? » 2/10/12 5:43am 2/10/12 5:43am

Wow.. I kid you not. I had a wooden handle on one of my knives break this past week and wondered if someone has posted something like this yet.. Very cool. » 2/04/12 8:45am 2/04/12 8:45am

I will have to try this although I have become accustomed to and happy with Irfanview. All I have to do there is launch it, type "c" in the window, configure dialog box, and then Ctrl-F12 to capture (into the window or save as file). I like the FTP option in PicPick though. » 1/31/12 10:46am 1/31/12 10:46am

Read It Later ([readitlaterlist.com]) works. I have extensions installed for my Android, Chrome, and FF. I really wish there was a way to sync my Chrome bookmarks with other browsers like FF and Android (2.3). Alas, I just use what's available. » 1/11/12 5:39pm 1/11/12 5:39pm

On Windows, CTRL-PageUp scrolls left through the tabs and CTRL-PageDown scrolls right through the tabs. I use this religiously. It works on Firefox too. » 12/16/11 5:37am 12/16/11 5:37am

Can someone tell me about the other aspects of starting an online business. Particularly, do I need to get a local business license? What about a federal tax ID? Should I get a P.O. box for my business address if I'm working out of my house? Do I need to establish a "Doing Business As" thing? I can't seem to find… » 4/28/11 10:10am 4/28/11 10:10am